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mystery bags

each mystery bag comes with at least 1 perfect condition item from my store, multiple B-grade items that have small flaws, and some extra fun goodies not seen in my store! larger bags are more likely to have more perfect-condition items. estimated value of bag will always be more than what you paid for! As always, I promise cute packaging so you can feel like you are unwrapping a little gift <3


small, $10: estimated value of $15 or more

medium, $20: estimated value of $30 or more

large, $30: estimated value of $45 or more


Feel free to make small requests in the text options (example: "i like worm on a string" or "i don't want any stickers"). I will try to accommadate most small requests but I cannot guarantee you will recieve a specific item. Otherwise it wouldn't be a mystery bag! 

mystery bags

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