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want to commission me?

here's what you should know...

1. all commissions must be paid for prior to starting. exceptions can be made if you need a payment plan, which I will offer on orders over $50. if you have a payment plan, it must be paid off prior to me starting the line art.

2. full refunds can only be given prior to me starting on the piece. we can discuss partial refund options if i have started the sketch or line art, but no refunds will be given past the color stage.

3. you are allowed unlimited revisions during the sketch stage, and up to 3 revisions once i start line art and color.

4. i reserve the right to deny commissions for any reason. at this time, i will not accept commissions depicting nsfw acts.

5. payment will be accepted through paypal goods and services.


6. commissioned artwork is for personal use only. i own the rights to all commissioned artwork. if you plan on using my art for profit or commercial use, let me know so we can work something out. 

7. if your character or idea is more complex, i reserve the right to add a complexity fee on top of my normal prices. if you have a deadline, i may add a rush fee, depending on how fast you need your piece done.

8. let me know where you prefer to communicate about your commission's progress! i am active on my e-mail, telegram, twitter, facebook, and instagram. i like to send a lot of updates, so make sure we are messaging on a platform that works best for you.

thank you for your interest!

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